Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and the Wait continues . . .

The life changing call was certainly that, well in theory anyway at this stage! After 29months 2 weeks waiting, we are finally parents! We are buzzing with excitement that we have a son and spent the first few days in a state of constant euphoria. There are so many people in our lives, across the world as well as within Australia, whom have been with us all the way on this epic journey.
The few days after the call were spent compiling a mass of paperwork and documents to apply for Birnny's immigration. Then we hung the expense and flew to Sydney on Friday 18th Feb to lodge all the documents. The evening before and the morning of was spent checking and double-checking to make sure we had all the i's dotted and the T's crossed. I was still convinced we had forgotten something. The schedule was thrown out before we even left Coffs Airport! Mascot had single runway only and we were an hour delayed leaving Coffs, then the flight literally zig-zagged to Sydney, we headed west, then east, then west again, it was a giddy flight and not a wonderful start to what was already a very time pushed day. So once we landed we hit the ground running! On a very expensive train trip to Central and a hunt around the streets for Immigration Office, with assistance from some French Backpackers (with limited English) and the YHA we stumbled across the building and waited in a long queue, only to get to our counter and be told we needed to go upstairs! With adrenalin pumping we didn't have to wait too long to see a clerk who was very happy and helpful and spoke good English (bonus). With payment made and Birnny's info logged into system we took the official paperwork and headed back to Central. Next stop Ashfield and DoCS (Community Services NSW Department of Human Services it's now called). After a long all stops train, we eventually hit the pavement again and cannot find any locals with knowledge of Cavill Street so we go with instinct – bingo!! we find it. Hand-over official paperwork and more money and leg it back to the train station and work our way back to the Airport. We are hot and hungry and searching for the DHL building which on google maps looked much closer to the departure lounge! As we seal the envelope and pray that it arrives safely in Manila, we are told it will be there on Monday morning. At this point I start to cry as we are heading back to our flight, I'm overwhelmed as Mark says "he's on his way now"...
We have major delays getting through the checkpoints and make it to the gate as they are calling our names for the 3rd and final time, phew we make it on board and cannot believe we did it!
Now though the reality of further waiting is torture! Knowing that Birnny is there waiting for us, we are here ready for him to be part of our lives, and the massive amount of paperwork and visas etc which still have to be processed is such a downer.
We have many wonderful connections through our adoption groups, and have chatted to families with children from the same orphanage. Knowing that he is so well looked after and cared for makes the wait a little less stressful, but no faster! We have started purchasing things for our little man, and begun setting his room up also. So much to plan and organise and think about, I am spinning in circles some days.
As at today 2 March we know that our paperwork has been locked in and it's up to the authorities in Manila to get through it and get Birnny a visa and a passport and a medical and then finally give us notice to travel. We are praying for MAY, but DoCS like to paint a fairly negative picture and have said it may take 4-6 months!!!!!! MAN I cannot believe that!
So meanwhile we have a few celebrations planned and lots of preparations to continue with. Please continue to pray and sent good vibes that our journey will be swift!! x x x

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


WEDNESDAY 9th February 2011, at 5.11pm, my mobile phone rings and after several very weird questions I am informed that we have been allocated a little boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birnny, is 2 years old and living in Aloha House Orphange in Palawan in the Philippines, he apparently is gorgeous and loves cuddles and kisses and is a good listener! OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!

Mark and I are over the moon and we await the paperwork to arrive from Sydney before we can see his darling face.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for all your prayers and love on our long journey,

much love always xxxxxxxx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TWENTY SEVEN MONTHS and still nothing…

It's December 2010 and whopping 27 months into our wait and still no news. I have contacted DoCS who tell me…
"There's no update news to give you really. We are still awaiting an allocation in the 0-2 age range. We've not had one in this age range since March. We know waiting times are extending due to the decreasing number of children being referred to ICAB requiring overseas families. I know this is a difficult time for families waiting to hear news so please do email / call when you need to."
Mmmm well that's hard to believe when there are 100MILLION orphans worldwide and we really only want 1, well 2 really, but not fussy, just desperate to be a family!
So it's 3 weeks til Christmas and we really thought we'd have munchkins around us this year, not looking that way currently. Honestly just to receive the phone call by Christmas would be wonderful. So I need you all to channel a prayer for us!
Meanwhile I realise that I have been very slack about updating my Blog, most of you know however that Mark did complete the Coolangatta Gold in November. It was a very tough race but he was so stoked to have finished and has happily ticked it off his Bucket List. Next challenge is parenthood! In between that though we have embarked on our house renovations which is exciting and distracting at the same time. Next year is already shaping up as a good one with news that my relatives are planning to visit Australia again and maybe a permanent move for (brother) Chris and his family, which would be fantastic. Also Mark is taking on an apprentice (my godson, Bryce) so we are looking forward to having him with us and learning from the "master".!!! Hopefully I will be posting another blog very soon, one with big letters stating … IT"S A …!!! Thanks for all your love support and prayers, make sure you add us to your prayer circle please :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Already!!!!

I cannot believe that we are already in the 10month of twenty10!! It's October 1, which means 2years 3 weeks since we were approved by ICAB. I still write each milestone in my diary and shake my head that it has taken this long and still no call. We can only hope and pray that we truly are so close. I am aware that ICAB are processing files at the moment in the hope to unite families in time for Christmas, Gosh I hope we are in there!!! One of my wishes since last Christmas is to be celebrating with our children, decorating a tree together and enjoying the energy that Christmas brings. If you are saying prayers, please make one for us, thanks.
Mark is just over 4 weeks out from the Coolangatta Gold. His training is going really well, and he is feeling fitter than ever. The work at home renovation idea hasn't gone so well. He commits to others before himself. But that's ok, we will find time. We both keep busy, my Tri season has started, and we have Coco and Lotti to keep us smiling. Lotti is 8months old now, and a delight. She is like a little teddy bear. Coco has warmed to her a little more now, but still remains top dog.
Today it is very peaceful and I sat quietly outside and imagined a life with little ones about, what they will look like and how they will sound. And all the new things we will learn and see and do together. Gosh we are so bursting for that to happen. It seems like I have been dreaming about that life for so long now.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I was just driving home after visiting a friend with 2 children (2.8 year old, and 9 month old girls) and I was thinking gosh that could be my life very soon. I also realised that I had not posted on my blog for, well, exactly 1 month! We feel we are so very close to getting the "call", we are edging closer and closer to the 2 year goalpost (actually it's almost 5 years since our initial EOI. WOW! We believe that out file may be on the table now and that means that it is only a matter of us being suitably matched, ICAB approving the match and informing DoCS, who then call us with the "news". I've heard stories from friends about where they were, or what they were doing at the time, and I imagine and dream about my situation when it happens. I joke too about being in a public toilet or in the queue at Woolworths. One thing is for certain, I will be celebrating. Hang in there and stay tuned it could be very soon... it WILL be very soon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Distractions are good but we never stop praying

Distractions are great things, they occupy your mind from thoughts which may at times be all-consuming. I have exercise as one main distraction, Mark does too. So much so that he has committed himself to compete in the Coolangatta Gold in November this year. The only thing that may prevent this happening is if we happen to be in PI on this date. He has made a huge decision, for those of you you who know him well, this may come as a shock, he is having a sebbatical from work for approx 10weeks!! Yay! He has an incredible work ethic and this decision has been really hard for him. He has a few projects here at home which will keep his passion going, but he will ultimately be able to choose his training sessions at more convenient day times and not have to worry about stressful client requests (apart from mine of course!!) He has enlisted a coach to write his program and on 1 August he starts. He is amazed at how this distraction has relieved his mind from the constant thought of "when" we will get the call. I know too that when I am training and or competing I hardly ever think about "it". And it is a relief, although it never fully leaves your conscious, I am always looking up and asking the big fella to hurry up!
The Stats:
The Coolangatta Gold is a gruelling ironman race consisting of
1st Surf Ski Leg 23km
2nd Leg Beach Run 0.65km
3rd Leg Swim Leg 3.5km
4th Leg Beach Run 4km
5th Leg Board Leg 5.5km
6th Leg Beach Run 10km

Mark hopes to complete it in 5 hrs. I will be there cheering him on, and if anyone would like to join me on the sidelines, he'd love your support, he won't be doing it again he tells me!! Yes I said you will be too busy being a Dad!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

News back fom DoCS

I received an email back from DoCS today it reads:

I’ve taken a look at your file and our stats here. I note that you were approved by ICAB in September 2008. I can imagine that it has been quite a long time for you both. There’s no updated information specifically that I can shed on the program at the moment. As you are probably aware, the Philippines allocate children based on which family they believe will best meet the child’s needs. This is not necessarily in chronological order of when applicants were approved. Just for your information however, I can inform you that the last two allocations we received, applicants were approved in early 2008 – so they had waited about 2 years.

I trust this information is helpful and we will be in touch when we have further news.

SO, looks like we are staring down 2+year wait. Hang in there with me please!!!!