Tuesday, March 1, 2011

and the Wait continues . . .

The life changing call was certainly that, well in theory anyway at this stage! After 29months 2 weeks waiting, we are finally parents! We are buzzing with excitement that we have a son and spent the first few days in a state of constant euphoria. There are so many people in our lives, across the world as well as within Australia, whom have been with us all the way on this epic journey.
The few days after the call were spent compiling a mass of paperwork and documents to apply for Birnny's immigration. Then we hung the expense and flew to Sydney on Friday 18th Feb to lodge all the documents. The evening before and the morning of was spent checking and double-checking to make sure we had all the i's dotted and the T's crossed. I was still convinced we had forgotten something. The schedule was thrown out before we even left Coffs Airport! Mascot had single runway only and we were an hour delayed leaving Coffs, then the flight literally zig-zagged to Sydney, we headed west, then east, then west again, it was a giddy flight and not a wonderful start to what was already a very time pushed day. So once we landed we hit the ground running! On a very expensive train trip to Central and a hunt around the streets for Immigration Office, with assistance from some French Backpackers (with limited English) and the YHA we stumbled across the building and waited in a long queue, only to get to our counter and be told we needed to go upstairs! With adrenalin pumping we didn't have to wait too long to see a clerk who was very happy and helpful and spoke good English (bonus). With payment made and Birnny's info logged into system we took the official paperwork and headed back to Central. Next stop Ashfield and DoCS (Community Services NSW Department of Human Services it's now called). After a long all stops train, we eventually hit the pavement again and cannot find any locals with knowledge of Cavill Street so we go with instinct – bingo!! we find it. Hand-over official paperwork and more money and leg it back to the train station and work our way back to the Airport. We are hot and hungry and searching for the DHL building which on google maps looked much closer to the departure lounge! As we seal the envelope and pray that it arrives safely in Manila, we are told it will be there on Monday morning. At this point I start to cry as we are heading back to our flight, I'm overwhelmed as Mark says "he's on his way now"...
We have major delays getting through the checkpoints and make it to the gate as they are calling our names for the 3rd and final time, phew we make it on board and cannot believe we did it!
Now though the reality of further waiting is torture! Knowing that Birnny is there waiting for us, we are here ready for him to be part of our lives, and the massive amount of paperwork and visas etc which still have to be processed is such a downer.
We have many wonderful connections through our adoption groups, and have chatted to families with children from the same orphanage. Knowing that he is so well looked after and cared for makes the wait a little less stressful, but no faster! We have started purchasing things for our little man, and begun setting his room up also. So much to plan and organise and think about, I am spinning in circles some days.
As at today 2 March we know that our paperwork has been locked in and it's up to the authorities in Manila to get through it and get Birnny a visa and a passport and a medical and then finally give us notice to travel. We are praying for MAY, but DoCS like to paint a fairly negative picture and have said it may take 4-6 months!!!!!! MAN I cannot believe that!
So meanwhile we have a few celebrations planned and lots of preparations to continue with. Please continue to pray and sent good vibes that our journey will be swift!! x x x

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